2024 International Pharmaceutical Cooperation High-End Forum Kexing Biopharm’s Series of Globalization Activities (China) Successfully Concluded

Innovation for the World, Exploring for the Future

SHENZHEN, China, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the “Innovation for the World, Exploring for the Future” 2024 International Pharmaceutical Cooperation High-End Forum Kexing Biopharm’s Series of Globalization Activities (China), organized by Kexing Biopharm, was successfully concluded in Shanghai. Numerous industry experts, senior figures from the domestic pharmaceutical and investment sectors, as well as senior executives of pharmaceutical companies from around 20 countries and regions, such as Brazil, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Africa, who closely collaborated with Kexing Biopharm attended this forum on sharing and effective discussions on the current status and development trends in the global medical market.

During the forum, Kexing Biopharm warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the attendees from various backgrounds who had traveled from afar. In addition, they provided a comprehensive introduction to the Company’s internationalization strategy and plans for the future. Kexing Biopharm emphasized its commitment to leveraging its overseas commercial platform to deliver high-quality products and comprehensive medication solutions for global patients. It specifically mentioned the successful acquisition of the EU GMP certificate for its first introduced product, albumin-bound paclitaxel, indicating a significant step forward in its global expansion. With a strong focus on international commercialization this year and leveraging years of international experience, the Company aims to become the best partner for high-quality Chinese pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Meanwhile, representatives from partner companies in Brazil, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Africa, respectively shared insights into the local pharmaceutical development status, distribution channels, medication requirements, market access, and collaborative opportunities, providing clarification and showcasing the power of international win-win cooperation among the guests present at the event. Additionally, onsite strategic cooperation agreements were signed between Kexing Biopharm and various overseas partners, showcasing a reaffirmed commitment to continued collaboration and shared vision for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Simultaneously, during the CPHI exhibition from June 19th to 21, Kexing Biopharm presented a diverse portfolio of over twenty high-quality drugs covering the oncology pipeline, immunotherapy pipeline, metabolic disease pipeline, and nephropathy pipeline, including monoclonal antibodies, peptides, and small molecules.

News of victory keeps pouring in, on June 25, Kexing Biopharm (688136.SH) made it to the “2023 China Biopharmaceutical (Blood Product, Vaccine, and Insulin) Enterprise Top 20 List” in the “2023 China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100 List Series,” which was the third time in a row.

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