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DUBAI, UAE, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the twenty-eighth episode of its seventh season, the ‘Qalby Etmaan’ program surprised its viewers by initiating a series of episodes set in Gaza, where Ghaith launched a new slogan: “In the name of God, we help Gaza.”

The seventh season of Qalby Etmaan program concludes with an episode focussed on Gaza and announces the launch of relief initiatives via the Ghaith Platform, in addition to a special season for Gaza, which will enable followers to accompany him on his journey in humanitarian work and find effective solutions and provide support to the people of Gaza in light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis, underscoring his commitment to spreading happiness and providing relief to people. Ghaith Platform website:

He launched a series of initiatives intended to provide relief to Palestinians through the Ghaith Platform, enabling the audiences to contribute. He emphasized his ability to deliver and distribute this aid to Gaza as part of the “Alfares Alshahm3” (Chivalrous Knight 3) operation.

Additionally, Ghaith unveiled an initiative to sponsor the 25,000-plus children in Gaza who have lost one or both of their parents via the platform. This initiative enables individuals to support a child in need monthly throughout the year and contribute to fulfilling their essential needs, such as food, clothing, education, and toys. This endeavour offers a fresh avenue for charitable engagement, particularly poignant given the plight of over 17,000 children in Gaza who have lost their families.

Following his dream of visiting Palestine and forming close bonds with its youth, Ghaith announced that all initiatives would be entrusted to capable Palestinians who can effectively distribute aid to those in need in the region. This strategic decision aims to designate them as Ghaith’s ambassadors in Gaza.

The program continues to air episodes directly from Gaza, featuring various initiatives and philanthropic opportunities aimed at assisting and supporting Palestinians. These endeavours primarily focus on enhancing healthcare services and providing psychological and social support for children, aimed at mitigating the effects of the traumas they have endured. One notable initiative involves supporting the colourful tent named “Al-Wafa,” an initiative led by Gaza’s youth, which offers crucial psychological support services.

Ghaith has called upon teachers in Gaza to seek out educational alternatives to ensure children’s continued access to education until the reconstruction of schools is complete. This appeal follows the extensive damage to over 70% of educational institutions in the Gaza Strip, resulting in limited opportunities for children to attend classes.

As part of the Emirati ‘Birds of Goodness’ initiative, Ghaith participated in coordinating an airdrop operation to provide humanitarian relief aid to the people in the region. Prior to this operation, he distributed a comprehensive array of relief packages and kits intended for Gaza, addressing the multifaceted needs of families, women, and children.

Furthermore, Ghaith toured the Emirati field hospital situated in Rafah, as well as the UAE Floating Hospital in Al Arish located in Gaza. During his visits, he engaged in conversations with patients, medical personnel, and volunteers. The program dedicated episodes to Gaza, filmed both during and after the holy month of Ramadan, which are now accessible on the Qalby Etmaan channel, available on YouTube on the channel @Qalbyetmaan.

For more information on the initiatives & projects, and ways to donate, please log on to the Ghaith platform website:

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